Sponsors and exhibitions

We are pleased to host the international congress on science and/or religion: a debate of the 21 st century, in Vienna Austria, 27-29 August 2015.

This congress will allow researchers and scholars from all over the world to discuss and analyze the crucial questions of how sciences and/or religions can or might contribute to our worldviews, education, morality and life styles as well as politics and economics in the 21st century. Further the scientific and religious perspectives towards both basic and applied topics regarding these issues will be explored.

We are hoping that we can build up a worldwide science and religion network or non-governmental organization to support a constructive dialogue between spiritual and religious traditions with sciences as well as promoting scientific education together with more global, social and political awareness.
We would be honored to welcome organizations to participate and support this congress.

For joining us as sponsors and for further information please contact
Dr. Shiva Khalili,

Official Congress Carrier


Cooperating institutions:

Vienna University univie_logo_farbe_web_01


University of Tehran, University_Tehran
Faculty of psychology and education


Science and Religion research Group, Unbenannt-3 Unbenannt-2
World Religions’ Research Center


Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Unbenannt-4


Institut für Religiosität in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (RPP), Unbenannt-4






This Congress is organized by Sigmund Freud University, Vienna and the International Society for Science and Religion