Call for Papers

International Congress on Science and/or Religion:
a 21st Century Debate
(Vienna, 27-29 August 2015)

With Continuing Professional Development (CPD) confirmation (30 hours)

The congress welcomes papers from all pertinent academic disciplines that take a multi-/interdisciplinary approach as well as religious, theistic, and philosophical scholarly pieces, and reports of comparative, cross-cultural and cross-religious studies.

Core Congress Topics

Papers are particularly invited that relate to the core theme of the conference, the place of religion in the modern world societies.

1.    The Science and Religion Debate in Current Social Context

  • Sociological and historical perspectives on the contemporary relationship between
    science and religion
  • Religion and scientific naturalism: conflict or integration?
  • Current relgious and scientific interpretations and narratives
  • The philosophical and scientific study of atheism
  • The philosophical and scientific study of fundamentalist religion
  • Implications of the scientific study of religion for religious life and thought
  • Scientific research on morality/ humanity related to /or separated from religion

Additional Congress Topics

Papers are invited on any of the following topics that are also relevant to the theme of the congress

2.    Science and Religions Explaining the Human Being

  • Science and religions’ explanations for human evolution, past and future
  • Mechanisms and functions of the brain/mind
  • The meaning of being human in religion and sciences
  • Existential and basic human questions
  • Meaning-giving beliefs throughout history: supernatural, religious, science–based systems of beliefs
  • Science and religion on death and the finiteness of human life

3. Science and Religions Explaining Religion-/Spirituality-related Phenomena

  • Evolution of religious and spiritual traditions
  • Mechanisms and functions of souls/spirits/ancestors/gods and supernatural  phenomena
  • Mechanisms and functions of meditation/prayer/religious and spiritual rituals
  • Religious/mystical/spiritual experiences
  • Religious development across the lifespan (including relationships with cognitive, emotional and social development; parenting styles; god image(s); identity formation; personality, personal values, moral development, scientific education, life events and personal experiences, gender, social, political features, life style etc.)
  • Traditional, modern, and postmodern orientations to religion and spirituality
  • Religion/spirituality and human (mental) health and well being
  • Research reports from Psychopathology, religion and culture
  • Culture/religion/spirituality sensitive psychotherapy
  • Contemporary research in psychology, psychotherapy and spirituality/religion
  • Assessing religious and spiritual phenomena

4. Applied Issues in the 21st Century

  • Science and religions on functions of religions in 21st century: benefits and vulnerabilities
  • Science and religions on Compassion and morality
  • Ethics, human rights, and gender issues
  • Family issues
  • Science education and technology
  • Transhumanism/Posthumanism

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